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This is a somewhat temporary page made especially for the beta version of this website. It's to collect all your death threats, love messages, requests to the code monkeys or just suggestions/issues/questions/criticisms/idle talk or whatever feedback you think is worth our database space.

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11/02/2018 23:10 — Anonymous
Upload time for anidex entries is two hours off e.g.
14/02/2018 11:58 — admin
Thanks for pointing that out!
I've changed the scraper code to deal with this. I think I've managed to fix up all instances of it too, so hopefully that does it.
11/02/2018 23:46 *Satanswarrior
Personally not into micro`s, I buy high-end so want to watch in high-end. Haven't been impressed with any micros tried for 720 or 1080 so wouldn't bother with micro 4k for movies. Micro anime is ok. Much less compression
12/02/2018 22:16 — Anonymous
omgg this is the best website ever than kfuck i finally found a alternative... horrible subs has literally no anime even if like has like 1000 serieses TYYY :D
13/02/2018 06:54 — Anonymous
Hey admin, can you change anidb links on series pages to HTTPS?
13/02/2018 15:00 — Anonymous
Firefox should auto use HTTPS if available.
14/02/2018 10:04 — admin
Changed, thanks for the suggestion.
14/02/2018 05:56 — Anonymous
Who's Zero3K? Why do I see that on sidebar sometimes?
14/02/2018 10:10 — admin
Where are you seeing it on the sidebar? Between the "Torrent | Episodes" links and the style selector?
14/02/2018 10:55 — Anonymous
Under search bar, Logged in user.
14/02/2018 11:06 — Anonymous
Huh??  are you using  a customed theme?
14/02/2018 12:03 — admin
That's interesting. Is it on every page or only some? If some, can you post examples and screenshots?
Has it only started doing that recently?
14/02/2018 22:34 — Satanswarrior
Maybe its just that shit hes smoking making him see things
14/02/2018 21:56 — Stoney
Direct still down?
14/02/2018 23:26 — admin
Yes, it seems that the accounts have had their subscription revoked unfortunately.
16/02/2018 15:28 — MeH
Hasn't still anyone purchased a 1Fichier premium account for AT? Man, it's just €3.5 for 1 month and €9.0 for 3 months.
I would definitely bought it the day admin mentioned it if I hadn't had some problem with my card (not the money itself).
17/02/2018 05:33 *Satanswarrior
Are you saying this site sponsors or has ties to 1filcher? Elaborate. Nevermind. Noticed the Admin link
17/02/2018 05:36 — Anonymous
Huh? just another rapidleech, nothing to do with the discussion here.
16/02/2018 15:52 — MeH
If just a small number of leechers here, say 20-30, would collaborate and donate just €3.5 every 2-3 years, Direct Links would always be up. And pay attention that with the mentioned number, it would be one's turn every 2 to 3 i.e €3.5 per 2-3 years!!!
Even prisoners earn more than €3.5 yearly!
17/02/2018 09:00 — admin
The download proxy doesn't need premium, only premium access. This is currently €10/year on 1Fichier (€5/year during specials), though it's probably more due to gateway fees etc.
I usually prepare to pay for these in advance, but I didn't expect the subscriptions to be revoked without warning (and I still haven't been informed of it by 1Fichier).
I can probably get it up again in a few days, if I can get a payment through, but if people can't wait, the option to give an account/key is open (if anyone's actually interested in this, comment and something can be organized).

I don't intend to accept monetary donations or the like, which is why I'm only accepting accounts or keys.
17/02/2018 14:51 — Anonymous
Why not post those 1f files on usenet?
18/02/2018 00:43 — admin
Many of the files should be available on Usenet.
18/02/2018 04:12 — Anonymous
Yeah, but wasn't usenet option added somewhere in late 2016? At least a year worth of direct ddl files (including zipped subs/extras not stored in would be missing though. Well, still beats better than nothing. And without direct ddl, server load/bandwidth usage should be lower, right? Now AT won't blow up.
18/02/2018 09:53 — admin
Probably only a few months, considering 1Fichier deleted a bunch.
But I'm not against the idea - if anyone's willing to tackle such a feat, I'm willing to provide assistance.
17/02/2018 21:01 — MeH
Yes, I know. And I meant €3.5 per 2-3 years in the form of 1Fichier premium access. Anyway,

Your work here on AT is greatly appreciated, admin!
I hope to be able to contribute more to AT in the future.
23/02/2018 08:22 — Anonymous
How can we go about getting a key to you?
24/02/2018 05:34 — admin
If you're offering, thanks!
I've made a page here which you can use to submit it.
24/02/2018 08:11 — Anonymous
24/02/2018 08:57 — admin
Thanks so much for that!
Unfortunately I get the following error when trying to apply it:
Key [xxxxxxx] already used

Have you tried already attaching it to an account? If not, maybe 1Fichier has rigged my account or something >.<
24/02/2018 22:57 — Anonymous
I definitely didn't use the code. I'll email the seller and see if I can get another one, but yeah, based on what you said I'm guessing that 1fichier killed your account. I don't suppose you could try signing up for another one and then use the code on that one?
25/02/2018 01:47 — admin
Thanks for the info. I tried it with another account, but got the same error. I suspect that, as part of their shenanigans, they immediately invalidated the key when I tried to add it to the rigged account.
Never knew they did that. Sorry for wasting your effort :(
25/02/2018 02:48 — Anonymous
Different anon here: When I read your comment a couple days ago about why direct links are down, I remembered your policy to not accept anything like donations.

I really want to help, but is there any way to do it without going through some shady reseller?
Like, what's the easiest, most direct way to give financial support to the site without compromising you, or giving my info to greasy feckers like the ones mentioned above?
25/02/2018 04:12 — Anonymous
Buy with Bitcoin or Webmoney if you are that cautious. There's shouldn't be issues with resellers listed on 1f site, you can always contact them for support.
25/02/2018 10:23 — Anonymous
Original anon here; I got the key from one of the listed retailers. No word back yet. Thinking it might be simpler at this point to just pay for a new account and fork that one over; I'll do that in the morning.
25/02/2018 12:33 — admin
Like, what's the easiest, most direct way to give financial support to the site without compromising you, or giving my info to greasy feckers like the ones mentioned above?
Thanks for the thought, but yeah, I don't really need any financial support.
It's unfortunate that file hosting sites generally are forced into these dodgy policies by financial strangulation that the payment cartel enforces.

No word back yet. Thinking it might be simpler at this point to just pay for a new account and fork that one over; I'll do that in the morning.
Thanks for going to all the trouble. I feel rather bad for accepting a second offer.
27/02/2018 03:49 — Anonymous
I didn't forget. 1fichier wouldn't accept my payment methods of choice, so I went back trying for another code. Long story short, expect another code sometime in the next 24 hours. Last try.
27/02/2018 03:58 — Anonymous
Well, that was a lot faster than expected. Sent.
27/02/2018 09:56 — admin
Thanks again for that!
Added this one to a new account and works fine.
1Fichier blocked the server's IP, so I've moved it onto a different IP. This does mean that it may take a little while for DNS to propagate over to you, but once that happens, it should be working now.
Though I suspect the new IP may get blocked at some point, since there's only one account.
27/02/2018 10:16 — MeH
Thanks for your contribution ;)
15/02/2018 15:48 — Anonymous
words fail at expressing my gratitude for this site. a r i g a t o u ★☆★☆★
16/02/2018 08:26 — Anonymous
RIP Direct links
16/02/2018 10:14 — Anonymous
Any plans on adding audio files(osts, albums,..) in the future?
16/02/2018 10:38 — Anonymous
Those aren't anime. Just go to hikarinoakari
16/02/2018 17:36 — Anonymous
Just die.
17/02/2018 09:01 *admin
I'm used to bizarre comments, but that takes it to another level...
18/02/2018 01:14 — Yogicat
Yeah, because going deaf is bad enough for that purrpose, nyahahaha.
17/02/2018 09:01 — admin
There are no plans for that at the moment unfortunately.
17/02/2018 09:56 — Anonymous
Can request animu here? Seriously, looking see if you guys can up some stuff I can't find anywhere. cheers
17/02/2018 10:19 — RamenSub
This site simply process torrents to ddl. Use other sites that has request section. What are you looking for anyway?
17/02/2018 23:35 — djg
You can try asking here (the feedback page) and someone might be able to point you in a good direction, probably to a torrent rather than a DDL though.
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